Band Album Datum
A DAY TO REMEMBER You're Welcome 05.03.2021
ACCEPT Too Mean To Die 29.01.2021
ALICE COOPER Detroit Stories 26.02.2021
ANDY SUSEMIHL Alienation 22.01.2021
ANGELUS APATRIDA Angelus Apatrida 05.02.2021
ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest 26.02.2021
ARCHITECTS For Those That Wish To Exist 26.02.2021
AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS Within Each Lies The Other 26.03.2021
ASPHYX Necroceros 22.01.2021
BAEST Necro Sapiens 05.03.2021
BLACK & DAMNED Heavenly Creatures 29.01.2021
BLACKMORE'S NIGHT Nature's Light 12.03.2021
BLAZE BAYLEY War Within Me 09.04.2021
BONFIRE Roots 26.02.2021
BUDDERSIDE Spiritual Violence 26.03.2021
CHEVELLE Niratias 05.03.2021
CONAN Live At Freak Valley 13.03.2021
CULT OF LUNA The Raging River 05.02.2021
DAEMON GREY Follow Your Nightmares 22.01.2021
DEMON HEAD Viscera 29.01.2021
DEWOLFF Wolffpack 05.02.2021
DREAMSHADE A Pale Blue Dot 05.03.2021
DURBIN The Beast Awakens 12.02.2021
EINHERJER North Star 26.02.2021
EKTOMORF Reborn 22.01.2021
EPICA Ωmega 26.02.2021
ERIC COHEN Northern Soul 26.02.2021
ESCAPE THE FATE Chemical Warfare 19.02.2021
EVERGREY Escape Of The Phoenix 26.02.2021
EVIL DRIVE Demons Within 02.04.2021
EYEHATEGOD A History Of Nomadic Behavior 12.03.2021
FOO FIGHTERS Medicine At Midnight 05.02.2021
GENERATION STEEL The Eagle Will Rise 22.01.2021
GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT Ghost Tapes #10 12.02.2021
GREY DAZE Amends ... Stripped 21.01.2021
GROWN For Life 19.02.2021
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY Maere 29.01.2021
HEART HEALER The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson 12.03.2021
HELLTRAIL Always Shoot Twice 16.04.2021
HELSTAR Clad In Black 26.02.2021
HOLY MOTHER Face This Burn 22.01.2021
INGLORIOUS We Will Ride 12.02.2021
ISSA Queen Of Broken Hearts 12.03.2021
JOEL HOEKSTRA'S 13 Running Games 12.02.2021
KÄRBHOLZ Kontra 26.02.2021
KICKIN VALENTINA The Revenge Of Rock 22.01.2021
KORPIKLAANI Jylhä 05.02.2021
KROKUS Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken 19.02.2021
LABYRINTH Welcome To The Absurd Circus 22.01.2021
LANDMVRKS Lost In The Waves 26.02.2021
LOVE AND DEATH Perfectly Preserved 12.02.2021
LOVEBITES Glory, Glory, To The World 10.03.2021
METALITE A Virtual World 26.03.2021
MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST Immortal 08.01.2021
MISTER MISERY Ballad Of The Headless Horseman 23.04.2021
MOONSPELL Hermitage 26.02.2021
MOS GENERATOR The Lantern 26.02.2021
NECROTTED Operation: Mental Castration 19.03.2021
NERVOSA Perpetual Chaos 22.01.2021
NIGHTFALL At Night We Prey 05.03.2021
NOFX Single Album 26.02.2021
OF MICE & MEN Timeless 26.02.2021
ORDEN OGAN Final Days 12.03.2021
PHILM Time Burner 19.02.2021
PROG COLLECTIVE Worlds On Hold 05.02.2021
REVULSION Revulsion 05.02.2021
REZET Truth In Between 29.01.2021
RICKY WARWICK When Life Was Hard And Fast 19.02.2021
ROB ZOMBIE The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy 12.03.2021
RONNIE ATKINS One Shot 12.03.2021
SAGA Symmetry 12.03.2021
SAXON Inspirations 19.03.2021
SECRET SPHERE Lifeblood 12.03.2021
SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER Join The Bear Cult 23.04.2021
SIMULACRUM Genesis 12.02.2021
SIRENIA Riddles, Ruins & Revelations 12.02.2021
SOEN Imperial 29.01.2021
STEVEN WILSON The Future Bites 29.01.2021
STORM SEEKER Guns Don't Cry 29.01.2021
SUNSTORM Afterlife 12.03.2021
THE CROWN Royal Destroyer 12.03.2021
THE DEAD DAISIES Holy Ground 22.01.2021
THE MELVINS Working With God 26.02.2021
THE PRETTY RECKLESS Death By Rock And Roll 12.02.2021
THE QUILL Earthrise 26.03.2021
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST The Thule Grimoires 05.02.2021
THERION Leviathan 22.01.2021
THRON Pilgrim 19.02.2021
THUNDER All The Right Noises 12.03.2021
TODD LA TORRE Rejoice In The Suffering 05.02.2021
TRANSATLANTIC The Absolute Universe 05.02.2021
TRIBULATION Where The Gloom Becomes Sound 29.01.2021
TURBULENCE Frontal 12.03.2021
U.D.O. Live In Bulgaria 2020 - Pandemic Survival Show 19.03.2021
W.E.T. Retransmission 22.01.2021
WARDRUNA Kvitravn 22.01.2021
WHILE SHE SLEEPS Sleeps Society 16.04.2021

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