Band Album Datum
DOPE Blood Money Part Zer0 23.02.2023
THOSE DAMN CROWS Inhale/Exhale 17.02.2023
BLACK STAR RIDERS Wrong Side Of Paradise 20.01.2023
MONO INC. Ravenblack 20.01.2023
SCREAMER Kingmaker 13.01.2023
ANTI-FLAG Lies They Tell Our Children 06.01.2023
ISAFJØRD Hjartastjaki 02.12.2022
INDUCTION Born From Fire 25.11.2022
LEATHER We Are The Chosen 25.11.2022
STATUS QUO Quo'ing In - The Best Of The Noughties 25.11.2022
LEE AARON Elevate 25.11.2022
BLACKRAIN Untamed 25.11.2022
BLODKVALT Algor Mortis 19.11.2022
AYREON Universal Migrator Neuauflage 18.11.2022
NICKELBACK Get Rollin' 18.11.2022
THRESHOLD Dividing Lines 18.11.2022
SOEN Atlantis - An Alternate Utopia 18.11.2022
CANDLEMASS Sweet Evil Sun 18.11.2022
LARKIN POE Blood Harmony 11.11.2022
FATEFUL FINALITY Emperor Of The Weak 11.11.2022
KATATONIA Dead End Kings – The 10th Anniversary Edition 11.11.2022
KAMPFAR Til Klovers Takt 11.11.2022
WARKINGS Morgana 11.11.2022
FRANK BELLO Then I'm Gone 04.11.2022
DAYSEEKER Dark Sun 04.11.2022
THE COMMONERS Find A Better Way 04.11.2022
THE PRETTY RECKLESS Other Worlds 04.11.2022
BLACK MIRRORS Tomorrow Will Be Without Us 04.11.2022
THE OFFERING Seeing The Elephant 04.11.2022
DISILLUSION Ayam 04.11.2022
SUZI QUATRO Uncovered 04.11.2022
VOIVOD Ultraman 04.11.2022
HÄMATOM Lang lebe der Hass 04.11.2022
DARKTHRONE Astral Fortress 28.10.2022
CELTIC FROST Danse Macabre 28.10.2022
THE DAMNED A Night Of A Thousand Vampires 28.10.2022
PSYCHONAUT Violate Consensus Reality 28.10.2022
BRANT BJORK Bougainvillea Suite 28.10.2022
FEAR FACTORY Recoded 28.10.2022
DEVIN TOWNSEND Lightwork 28.10.2022
THEOTOXIN Fragment: Totenruhe 28.10.2022
THERION Leviathan II 28.10.2022
JOE LYNN TURNER Belly Of The Beast 28.10.2022
FIRE FROM THE GODS Soul Revolution 28.10.2022
DEFLESHED Grind Over Matter 28.10.2022
DEAD CROSS II 28.10.2022
MASSIVE WAGONS Triggered! 28.10.2022
THEM Fear City 28.10.2022
DESPISED ICON Déterré 28.10.2022
SODOM 40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom 28.10.2022
POLYPHIA Remember That You Will Die 28.10.2022
DIMMU BORGIR Puritanical Eurphoric Misanthropia Re-Release 28.10.2022
NOCTEM Credo Certe Ne Cras 28.10.2022
CASSIUS KING Dread The Dawn 21.10.2022
AVANTASIA A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society 21.10.2022
UGLY KID JOE Rad Wings Of Destiny 21.10.2022
AVATARIUM Death, Where Is Your Sting 21.10.2022
CABAL Magno Interitus 21.10.2022
ARCHITECTS the classic symptoms of a broken spirit 21.10.2022
EXHUMED To The Dead 21.10.2022
IN THIS MOMENT Blood 1983 21.10.2022
ORDEN OGAN Final Days: Orden Ogan And Friends 21.10.2022
GOTHMINISTER Pandemonium 21.10.2022
BLACK VEIL BRIDES The Mourning 21.10.2022
BLACK SPACE RIDERS We Have Been Here Before 21.10.2022
THE NEW ROSES Sweet Poison 21.10.2022
NO RETURN Requiem 21.10.2022
RUBY THE HATCHET Fear Is A Cruel Master 21.10.2022
IRON ALLIES Blood In Blood Out 21.10.2022
BRUTUS Unison Life 21.10.2022
SKID ROW The Gang's All Here 14.10.2022
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Return Of The Dream Canteen 14.10.2022
NOTHING MORE Spirits 14.10.2022
CALLEJON Eternia 14.10.2022
SLEEPING WITH SIRENS Complete Collapse 14.10.2022
WE CAME AS ROMANS Darkbloom 14.10.2022
BIFFY CLYRO A Celebration of Endings – Live From The Barrowland Ballroom 14.10.2022
ELEINE Acoustic In Hell 14.10.2022
HEADSHOT Eyes Of The Guardians 14.10.2022
STORMRULER Sacred Rites & Black Magick 14.10.2022
ALTER BRIDGE Pawns & Kings 14.10.2022
RIOT CITY Electric Elite 14.10.2022
DRAGONLAND The Power Of The Nightstar 14.10.2022
ORIANTHI Rock Candy 14.10.2022
LORNA SHORE Pain Remains 14.10.2022
QUEENSRYCHE Digital Noise Alliance 07.10.2022
LAMB OF GOD Omens 07.10.2022
LOST IN KIEV Rupture 07.10.2022
CHARLOTTE WESSELS Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II 07.10.2022
THE CULT Under The Midnight Sun 07.10.2022
BOREALIS Illusions 07.10.2022
KNORKATOR Sieg der Vernunft 07.10.2022
WEDNESDAY 13 Horrifier 07.10.2022
THE KILLERHERTZ Starburst 07.10.2022
MASTIC SCUM Icon 07.10.2022
GOATWHORE Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven 07.10.2022
TERAMAZE Flight Of The Wounded 06.10.2022
LOST SOCIETY If The Sky Came Down 30.09.2022
TANKARD Pavlov's Dawgs 30.09.2022
STEAMHAMMER Wailing Again 30.09.2022
RAVEN Leave 'Em Bleeding 30.09.2022
THE DEAD DAISIES Radiance 30.09.2022
RAGE Spreading The Plague 30.09.2022
STRIGOI Viscera 30.09.2022
SLIPKNOT The End, So Far 30.09.2022
BLITZPØP MDMA 30.09.2022
UMBILICUS Path Of 1000 Suns 30.09.2022
BEHIND YOUR FEAR Anthropocene 30.09.2022
DIAMOND HEAD Lightning To The Nations (The White Album) [Remastered 2021] 30.09.2022
SONATA ARCTICA Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two 30.09.2022
NESTOR Kids In A Ghost Town Deluxe Edition 30.09.2022
SAMMY HAGAR & THE CIRCLE Crazy Times 30.09.2022
FIRTAN Marter 30.09.2022
ELLENDE Ellenbogengesellschaft 30.09.2022
AUTOPSY Morbidity Triumphant 30.09.2022
STRATOVARIUS Survive 23.09.2022
SKELATOR Blood Empire 23.09.2022
VENOM INC. There's Only Black 23.09.2022
THE RASMUS Rise 23.09.2022
VIRGIL & STEVE HOWE Lunar Mist 23.09.2022
FALL OF CARTHAGE Drawn Into Madness 23.09.2022
GURD Hallucinations 23.09.2022
TALAS 1985 23.09.2022
FREEDOM HAWK Take All You Can 23.09.2022
KING LEGBA AND THE LOAS Shine A Light 23.09.2022
SPELLBOOK Deadly Charms 23.09.2022
RAZOR Cycle Of Contempt 23.09.2022
PETBRICK Liminal 23.09.2022
CRONE Gotta Light? 23.09.2022
MOTÖRHEAD Iron Fist 40th Anniversary Edition 23.09.2022
MOONSPELL From Down Below - Live 80 Meters Deep 23.09.2022

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